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Some people are concerned about things getting better instantly.  In recovery, that is virtually impossible.  Quitting using is barely the beginning.  Just because someone quits, doesn’t mean things are suddenly going to improve.  Often it is just the opposite.


Stopping meth often results in:

  1. Being Excessively Tired
  2. Big Time Depressed
  3. Overwhelmingly Lonely
  4. Becoming Fat
  5. Total Lack of Ambition and Motivation 
  6. No Sex Drive  
  7. Severe Feelings of Despair  
  8. Possible Suicidal Thoughts
  9. Panic and Anxiety Attacks
  10. Nightmares About Drugs and Drug Situations
  11. Bizarre Sleep Patterns
  12. Many more problems too numerous to mention.


Now you wonder why it is so difficult to quit?  Meth users avoid all those and so the irony exists in wondering why things don’t get better right away.  Nevertheless, in time, things DO improve, but it takes much more time than people usually realize.


Rehabs are different, depending on needs.  Some people need the rigid structure provided by a strict program with attention to rules and procedures.  Others need a bit of wiggle room and the ability to make adjustments as they go.  I have written many posts about the pros and cons of  the “Harm Reduction” model vs the “Total Abstinence” model.


The point I’d like to make at this time is the difference between addicts themselves and the needs variations.  Consider a young fellow, late teens, little responsibility, living with parents and basically a goof-off.  Then consider a mature woman, mom, trying desperately to find a way through addiction, career, motherhood, bad husband or boyfriend, health issues, possible pregnancy, etc.  Do you really think that any one single rehab program would adequately serve the needs of both of these individuals?  There are many other types of individuals with unique and peculiar needs.  I find it difficult to see how one program can be applicable in all cases.  Remember:  meth addiction does not discriminate, - rich or poor, urban or rural, young or old, male or female, ignorant or educated.


Finger pointing, blame, denigrating and insulting do little to help anyone in my opinion.